Small hands, big creations

Welcome to the world of Rikbits where a child 
can embark everyday on a new  adventure!

Did you know?

The word “Rikbit” in arabic means it worked“!

Our eco-friendly blocks are designed to entice children with role play, imagination and innovation. Building develops their planning skills, motor skills and spatial awareness.

The 3 fundamental stages of a child's development with Rikbits

Stage 1

Toddlers develop motricity when stimulated with sensory play. Their curious little hands will explore the 2D Rikbits cardboards and patiently transform them into 3D bricks. 

Stage 2

Stacking Rikbits blocks into basic shapes, such as their favorite number or character, will enhance learning and create a fun experience for all!

Stage 3

Your little architect will beam with pride upon realizing complex structures since they require problem solving skills, math skills and a great deal of patience.

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